Productive process

The ore we extract is
near the surface
We reduce the mined material
to a maximum of 18 cm
We reduce ground rock to
0.18 mm at the concentrator plant
We separate copper sulphides
from molybdenum and other elements
We filter copper concentrate and take
the resulting product to the warehouse
We transport the copper concentrate
to the Port of Matarani by trucks and railway, from where it is exported.
Ferrobamba pit
  • Additionally, about 10 Mt of mineral will be stored in stocks for future treatment.
  • 51.1 Mt of ore are mined for the plant process.
  • The mine moves more than 160 Mt of rock and ore per year.
Mining trucks
  • CATERPILLAR 797F, capacity of 400 tonnes.
  • KOMATSU 980E, capacity of 400 tonnes.
Primary crusher
  • Four trucks in simultaneous unloading cycle.
  • Primary crusher: two sets of rotary crushers located next to the Ferrobamba pit.
Conveyor belt
  • The ore is transported from the primary crusher to the concentrator plant through the overland conveyor belt.
  • The mineral is discharged from the conveyor belt into a collection pile.
  • The primary crusher is located 5.2 km away from the concentrator plant.
Grinding circuit
  • Capacity - 140,000 tons per day. It processes about 51.1 Mt per year.
  • The ore is recovered from the collection pile through eight plate feeders.
  • Grinding through two lines consisting of a SAG mill and a ball mill.
Flotation circuit
  • We have 28 cells in the rougher scavenger circuit and 22 cells in the third cleaning stage.
  • Conventional Cu - Mo foam flotation circuit.
  • The bulk concentrate is sent by pipeline to the Mo separation circuit that together with the bulk flotation circuit.
Water reservoir
  • The dam has a capacity of 4.2 Mm3.
  • A 23 km long pipeline connects the intake installation to the dam.
  • The water is obtained from the Challhuahuacho River and stored in the fresh water reservoir called Chuspiri dam.
Tailings thickener
  • Two Delkor Hi-rate thickeners with a diameter of 80 m.
  • The lower flow pulp is 62% solids.
Tailings dam
  • The plant reuses up to 95% of water.
  • The operation has zero discharges of process water into the environment.