Local Culture and Traditions

Promoting local culture and customs is part of Las Bambas’ engagement policy.

  • Value the local culture and traditions.
  • Promote festivals and customs of surrounding communities.
  • Engage in local customs.

Every year Las Bambas carries out a series of activities to promote local culture, encourage and strengthen the ties and commitments with the diverse communities and institutions located in its area of influence.
We participate in, provide support and enjoy various local traditions with the communities:
Participation in the V Regional Meeting and IX T’ikapallana Provincial Carnival Encounter in Tambobamba, in which men and women gather flowers on the Porotopampa hill a week before carnivals as an offering to Pachamama (mother earth). Five years ago this event was recognised by the Peruvian Government as forming part of the National Cultural Heritage.
Participation in horse races organised by the communities.
Yunza (a traditional ceremony involving a tree filled with gifts) in Tambobamba.
Supporting of traditional dance events in Tambobamba and Challhuahuacho.
Participation in activities for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day parades, Christmas and Spring Day, among other festivities.
Participation in anniversary celebrations of the communities in our area of influence.